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Health and Safety update September 2017

My granddaughter Lilian is keen on jokes and asked the question why is seven such a bad number. The answer is a series just as it is most often a series of interconnected events that can lead to us injuring ourselves.

On a sunburst the forestay is tied down by a thin nylon cord and as I de-rigged on Sunday I noticed this had some slight fraying. Likely it would last the season but then it might not. What if I was out in boisterous conditions it might be frayed a bit much and break. I have never seen a sunburst mast come down but expect it would come across the cockpit as it pivoted on the step. It would most likely miss the crew but then it might not if we were in a tack and moving across the boat. Stalena and I both wear bump hats but then I imagine a sunburst mast would come down with some force.

The cord will be replaced and the event is now written up as a reminder that an injury is often the last part of a series of unexpected actions that can be stopped at the beginning.

The number seven is such a bad number because 7, 8, 9.

Sail safely

Kerry O’Brien

For Health and Safety

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